Combined Oral Contraceptives pill 1

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Combined Oral Contraceptives pill 1


Every in yellow sugar coated tablet contains:

Levonorgestrel………………. 0.150 mg

Ethinyl Estradiol. …………… 0.030 mg

Every in white placebo sugar coated contains:



Disturbs of Hypothalamus mechanism – Hypophyse by detain of FSH formation to avoid ovulation.


Prevent of pregnancy


Wait until the next menstruation period comes, if it is for the first time using the oral contraceptives pill. Further on the first day of menstruation period began, take one pill from the blister, started from a biggest arrow on the left top side (the yellow active tablet). Take one pill every day by following the next arrows directionuntil all of the pills on the blister consumed. Once of the first blister consumed, take again from a new blister immediately on the next day. Do as the previous steps above, take one pill from the blister started from a biggest arrow on the left top side (the yellow active tablet). Continued by take one pill every day as per the arrows direction regardless whether had have or having menstruation period.


All of the oral contraceptives pills are not allowed for women who had have or having thrombophlebitis disease, thromboembolic disorder, coronary artery disease or heart attack or high blood pressure patient, diabetic patient, jaundice or liver disease, breast cancer or genital, neoplasia affected by estrogen or hemorrhage thru an un-diagnosed genital. COMBINED ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES pill 1 is not allowed for women during her pregnancy or suspected pregnant.


Stop using this pill and check to a doctor immediately if feeling pain constantly particularly on foot and chest, hard breathe, extremely headache or vomits, dizzy or unconscious, hard of perceiving and hearing, feel paralyzed or wimpy on arm and foot, feel glom or huffy, blood vomited or any other uncommon symptoms.


Do not rely on the nature of COMBINED ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES Pill 1, if it is the first time using this pill prior you take first of seven of yellow pills. It is an additional contraceptives method without hormone that should be applied until the seven of yellow pills are taken to ensure you are certainly protected from pregnancy (exception for periodic method system and body temperature method).


Minor distractions on the first months will be underwent while the body is adapting to COMBINED ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES Pill 1instance occurred bit by bit of blood excretion while not in menstruation period, slightly changes of body weight, nausea or feel soft on breasts.